Friday, 7 March 2014

Google SEO Latest Humming Bird Algorithm Update and get away from Spammy Techniques in your Regular work!

Google SEO Latest Humming Bird Algorithm Update which into lime light very slowly and made the SEO World awaken and aware about the Latest SEO Trends and  Changes in it with SEO Algorithm Updates.

Hummingbird Algorithm Update which makes Major impact on Search Query like how visitor search and type a query using  Google search the results will be displayed according to the Search Query. so It's Dramatic and Drastic change with Keyword Phrases and Targeted Keywords.

The Latest Algorithm update should be User Search Query friendly. So the Web Masters and SEO geeks should be keep in mind about how the visitor Search and what his need of search, actually what he is looking for base on these implicit in mind we should promote the Brand.
So Now Google Humming Bird is alive Google Search Displaying accurate results for the Search Query to help the Visitor what he is actually looking for.

There is an Another SEO Update on Spam links and Spam Techniques. Webmasters should learn about these Best Practices and beware of the Techniques to avoid Penalty and Creating Spam Links.

SEO Strategy which follows daily regular Tasks and Activities with Best Practices there are some Activities which are followed by the every Web Master in daily routine work. they are Forum Submission, Classified Promotion and Blog Commenting.

when you are following these Activities in your daily work, you should aware of the Best practices and Approaches. The Latest Algorithm update reveals that don't practice Spammy Techniques use Best Practices in SEO like when you are doing the promotions you shouldn't Target the Exact Keyword Phrases and Match with Single Keyword.Which makes the Promotion as Spam and makes the link Spammy. You should use Long Tail Keyword which Multiple set of Keywords in the Keyword Phrases. This is the Best Practice and Use Brand name before the Long Tail Keyword which helps you to promote your Brand and make Popular and Brings Reputation to your Brand. Which gives you best Results and Rankings in SERPs. This Practice is for Forum Submission and Classified Submission.

The Other best practice is for Blog Commenting Activity. when you are following this Technique you shouls aware of Instead of Targeting your Keyword Target your Brand and give  the real author name is the Best Practice to make it Visible and Considered by the Search Engines. These Best Practices can makes your keywords Rank well and your Website can live and Get Reputed Online.

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