Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Google Refreshed the Penguin3.0 Updates in the Weekend Holidays!

Google Penguin3.0 Algorithm Update is Still Rolling out and it Impacts Majorly English Search Query. The Latest Penguin3.0 Update for the Year 2014 was updated on October17,2014 (which is Rolled out after a Year of Penguin2.0 on May22,2013) and it is Continuing with the Penguin Algorithm Refreshes. Google Policy is that they may not work in the Holidays and there may be no Algorithm Updates and Refreshes in the Holidays. But Google has broke it's Policy of No Holiday Updates with Refreshing the Penguin3.0 Algorithm Refreshing.

Google Updated it's New Penguin3.0 Update Refreshing Back to Back in the Holidays(Weekends). Google not Officially Confirmed the News yet, But the Penguin 3.0 Update is Rolling over the World with the Frequent updates and Algorithm Refreshes in the past 2 weekends.

The First Google 3.0 Algorithm Refresh updated on Thanks Giving day, There many of them those Hit by Penguin3.0 Update Have seen Changes. Google Penguin3.0 Algorithm Refreshes updated with Penguin3.1, Penguin3.2, Penguin3.3 and Penguin3.4 Frequently. This is Unusual that Google Made the Refreshes back to back with in a 10days period of Time in the Weekend Holidays.

The Google Penguin3.1 Refresh updated on Saturday November27,2014 Not a Major Impact on UK Search.

Penguin3.2 Refresh updated on Tuesday December2,2014 Showed Impact on UK Search.
Penguin3.3 Refresh updated on Friday December5,2014 Showed Major Impact on UK Search.
Penguin3.4 Refresh updated on Saturday December6,2014 Showed Major Impact on UK Search .

Google Penguin3.0 Refreshes majorly Showing Impact on Many Countries as i Observed that it is Majorly Impacting UK Countries from the last 2 Weeks. There is Major Impact on UK Search. Keyword Rankings are also Impacted Well. Thus Google Breaks out no update in Holidays rule and the Penguin 3.0 update Rolling out for a Long Six Weeks.

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