Thursday, 19 February 2015

Google Stops Updating Webmaster Tools Data since 16 Feb 2015

Google Stops and not Updating the Web Master Tools Data from few days Ago. It's last Updated was on 15Feb2015. The Webmaster Tools data was showing in the account up to the  date 15Feb afterwards it may not show any Queries or Related Data for the Websites.

This may signs that Google SEO team is going to Update something new featuring into Webmaster Tools or it is Going to Shut down the Data and going to make Nonuser Friendly.If it happens we may not able to find the SEO Friendly Relevant Data from Webmaster Tools which may causes that SEO is going to die in the Feature Days.

Google making decisions and Updating the Algorithms and Refreshes gave the Significant Warning to the Web Masters and SEO Agencies the Upcoming days are not so fruitful to the All Webmasters.

If the Data is going to hide from the Tools, It is the Major Impact on SEO Agencies and Webmasters. Especially it's too sour to the eCommerce SEO which may loose major data Updates for eCommerce Best Practices.

If Google is going to make Changes to the Web Master Tools and updating the Data with a clear Picture about Search Queries which helps to find the Maximum Impressions, Clicks getting from particular Search Queries doing best a part for a Website to find the Click through Rate for a Search Query.

If it is going to be a Positive Sign it's more helpful and Major Benefit to the SEO Industry and if it is Negative Sign it is the Major Draw back and very Painful to the SEO Industry. How to get the Key Word Relevancy Search data updates will make a Huge Impact on SEO and will be a another Big Threat after the Keyword Tool Data Hiding.

So All the SEO World Lets pray for the Best.


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